Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Talk with your mouth shut (Vaayai moodi pesavum )

I rarely write movie reviews .But a Tamil film I watched recently impressed me . The film was titled Vaayai moodi pesavum (Talk with your mouth shut ) The title itself is an oxymoron something like 'Clearly confused ' .Oxymorons make one to ponder or laugh . This movie did exactly that.   After a very long time, I was impressed with a light hearted satirical comedy movie filmed in an entirely fresh bracing brisk pace . I think this is  ground breaking film in Tamil .There is nothing extra ordinary in the story line ,but the narration was so different and refreshing. The story is all about an hypothetical dumb flu that spreads  by speaking . The film is directed by Balaji Mohan .He also plays a small role in the film .The lead pairs are Dulquer Salman,actor Mammuty's son ,his debut film  in Tamil and Nazria .Both of them have done a nice job . I was so impressed with the RR and sound effects . For nearly 35 to 40 % of the film ,there are no dialogues,all characters talk by miming .The background score and RR were so nice . I presume one would notice the impact it has made on the film ,if one  tries to watch the film with the audio muted.I understand for the composer Sean Roldan also this is a debut film . The entire story happens in a scenic hill station . That makes the backdrop so beautiful .The director implies everywhere the story is fictional so deftly .The hill station panimalai is also fictional .It is conveyed  so nicely,and one understands the intended satire throughout the film.Very innovative and new to Tamil films. 

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